Management System, Shop and website for the Showroom Bakehouse

The photogenic bakery chain wanted a sales and product management system, with an easy-to-operate system that would take customers inside. They had a show
Mobile devices that display the Showroom website
The showroom bakehouse logo

A fast, accessible and unique website

Our studio department was able to produce a unique design with the help of mesh colors (even the products themselves did not hurt). Then our developers turned this design into a super fast and insanely stable site.

A tablet that shows the back office system of ShowroomA mobile device that displays the Showroom website
It was very important to the customer that their back office system give the chain a global solution, both to the branches and to the chain's management system, so what did we have? Order management, product management, category management, branch management, delivery management, statistics, data analysis and more and more ...
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