New brand, new design, new website. Meet Zontes

A new motorcycle brand from Ducati's importer immigrated to Israel and the owner really but really did not settle for a routine design.
A mobile device that displays the Zones home page
Zontes logo

ZONTES MOTORCYCLES, is a powerful industrial group founded in 2003.

We put new blood into the company's original visuals, and created an unconventional layout that highlights exactly what riders are looking for. Along with the unique visuals, we used bold typography, but one that maintains order and accessibility in the textual content, which includes clear price lists and technical specifications.

Take a look
Two mobile devices show the performance table of Zontas motorcycles.Photo collage from the Zontes website.
It turns out that motorcycle enthusiasts also prefer the mobile than the computer, the site feels like an app and looks great on any device.
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